Saturday, August 22, 2009

Random Post

Well, it's been awhile since I have posted on here and since a picture is worth a thousand words; I have decided to post a bunch of pictures and write a little caption under the picture. Hopefully that will sortof catch you all up. Oh, and Sam is 10 months old in these pictures.

Sam has a new sleeping style.

Playing with his toys.

Sam is pulling up on everything in sight.

Joe is doing very well at UAB. He has gone back to school for a second degree in music education. He is a member of the UAB marching blazers.

We love going to the PepperPlace market on Satuday mornings.

Sam has new "big boy" jammies. Big boy meaning no footies..hahaha. He is also clapping in this picture which is his new favorite trick. If you say, "clap, clap clap" he will. It's super cute.

We love to go to the park and swing.

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