Saturday, August 22, 2009

Random Post

Well, it's been awhile since I have posted on here and since a picture is worth a thousand words; I have decided to post a bunch of pictures and write a little caption under the picture. Hopefully that will sortof catch you all up. Oh, and Sam is 10 months old in these pictures.

Sam has a new sleeping style.

Playing with his toys.

Sam is pulling up on everything in sight.

Joe is doing very well at UAB. He has gone back to school for a second degree in music education. He is a member of the UAB marching blazers.

We love going to the PepperPlace market on Satuday mornings.

Sam has new "big boy" jammies. Big boy meaning no footies..hahaha. He is also clapping in this picture which is his new favorite trick. If you say, "clap, clap clap" he will. It's super cute.

We love to go to the park and swing.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Joe's father's day started out like most of our celebration the bed with presents and cards. Sam got daddy a card and a new pair of short (which he loved). When we finally got out of the bed and had showers we met Lindsey, Gil, Jackson, and my parents at Ihop for a father's day breakfast. After that we had an extremely lazy day at home. We did laundry, watched the mythbusters marathon, and I made a cobbler. It's nice to have a day like that every now and then.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Stevo's Party

Our friend Stevo has joined the Peace Corps and is leaving for Gambia at the end of this month. He will be gone for the next two years doing some sort of computer work with them. I have attached a link to Stevo's Gambian blog on my page here under blogs I read. We wish him nothing but the best and we'll miss him while he is away. Please keep our friend in your thoughts and prayers. Below are some pictures of his going away party at the lake.

Matt, Stevo & Joe

Matt & Sam

Joe & Stevo

Destin, Stevo & Joe
Joe, Sam & Stevo
The American & Gambian flag cakes

Monday, May 11, 2009

First Mother's Day

Joe and Sam made my first mother's day sooo special. When our alarm went off for church Sunday morning; Joe jumped out of bed and returned with cards and presents before I could even put my feet on the floor. He also grabbed my sweet little cuddle bug from the crib so that I opened everything in the bed with my two favorite men. I got two cards, one from Joe and one from Sam (super sweet), and a silhouette charm with Sam's initials and birthday on it for my charm bracelet AND.... a Ped Egg! hahahaha Seriously, I have been wanting one of those for awhile, so I am pumped about it. Hopefully, I will have smooth nice feet all summer long.
Then we went to church and to lunch with my mom and dad. We ended the day by eating supper with Joe's mom and watching the end of the Amazing Race. It was a great day.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Long weekend in Mobile

We had a really busy long weekend this past weekend. Joe, Sam, and I drove down to Mobile on Thursday for my dad's induction ceremony into the Mobile sports hall of fame, and to spend some time with my sister and her family. I am really proud of my dad; what a great honor.

After the ceremony was over Joe, Sam, and I spent the rest of the weekend at my sister's house. I miss having her in town, so that I can see her whenever I want. We really did a whole lot of nothing (which was nice). Friday we spent the day shopping in Fairhope. Saturday, Lindsey, Joe, and I took Sam and Jackson to the beach. This was Sam's first time ever at the beach, and it was a blast! I tried to teach Jackson how to swim, but he really just wanted to jump off the side to me instead of swim. One of the pictures below is Lindsey trying to teach Jackson how to swim.

Monday, April 13, 2009


I am a big holiday fan as it is anyway, but I love Easter! I love the colors, the flowers, the feeling of new beginnings, and being with family.

This was Sam's first Easter and we did the traditional Easter basket, cute outfit, and family pictures. Joe and I don't want the meaning behind Easter to get lost in all the bunnies, egg hunts and candy, so we mixed Sam's Easter basket with different and traditional things. We really want him to know that Easter is about Jesus and the sacrifice He made for our sins, and not about a bunny. Please don't get me wrong we love the Easter bunny, the eggs, and the peeps. We just don't want that to be his main focus each year. We want him to learn the scriptures and understand why we celebrate Easter; as well as have fun with the Easter bunny, finding eggs, and eating candy.

With that being said we had a good Easter. We got up early Sunday morning and finished making french toast for our Sunday School brunch, and then put Sam in his super cute Easter outfit. After that we went to church, and then to my parent's house for lunch with my sister and her family, Joe's mom and brothers, and my parents. Then, we went to Joe's aunt's house to visit his dad's side of the family for an hour or two. It was wonderful to see everyone, but needless to say, by the time we got home last night we were exhausted!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sam's 6 month pictures

I cannot believe Sam is 6 months old! I took him this morning to get his 6 month picture taken. They are below for you to enjoy.